From Empath to Alchemist

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This e-book and accompanying audio activation will open your understanding that being an empath is NOT just about sucking up all the energy around you. An empath is an energy alchemist who can transmute the energies he/she takes in in planetary service to others!

The Audio Activation contains powerful processes to assist you in alchemical process, release others projections and judgments energetically, contain your aura, and much much more!

E-book (pdf) Length – 16 pages

Audio (mp3) Length – 25:52

Sample This Clearing:


The widely misunderstood spiritual gift of being an empath, for many, has felt more like a curse than a blessing. This is because most available information on this gift limits us by the belief that it is all about soaking up, and how to protect yourself from this occurring, which is only part of the story.

In the From Empath to Alchemist 17 page mini e-book, I reveal how empaths are on the front lines in this planetary transition, assisting Gaia through the taking in of the thought forms and discordant energies held in her field and those upon her. I reveal how the purpose of this is so that we can transmute them and bring in higher light. I also share how raising our frequency makes us invisible to psychic vampires.

I also provide a few simple exercises, derived from the audio activation, that you can mix and match to add to your own daily meditation practice, or as stand alone support when needed.

In addition, in the audio activation we will:

  • Remove cords, hooks, and energetic feeding tubes that cause us to be drained of our life force needlessly.
  • Transmute the energy that we take on into its highest octave/neutrality.
  • Return projections and judgements from others unowned shadow energy back to them for them to own and process.
  • Transmit pure Source energy to the places and people around us we have been “sent to” to help heal and shift.
  • Be attuned to our Unique signature frequency to differentiate between what is “theirs” and “ours”
  • Consolidate our aura to it optimal size, to minimize feeling scattered, and taking in energy from expansive areas around us.

When done consistently, the Empath to Alchemist Activation will assist you in maintaining your frequency so that you can literally go anywhere without feeling sick, freaked out, or drained, immediately identify what is coming from you, and what is not, hold the highest vibration that is possible and necessary for you at any given time, and shift energy without saying a word or doing anything…simply from being present.

“I would like to extend my love & gratitude to you & for YOU! As you have helped me immensely with your guidance & activations. Since following your work, I am finding that I am feeling like a weight is lifting off my shoulders & I am feeling more and more aligned…. I can truly say that you have changed my life.” -Jazz

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