Excavating Your Authentic Self


Release programs, tapes and files from the energy field and subconscious that manifest as people, places, situations, and dynamics that are a vibrational mismatch to your authentic self and True Hearts Desires while creating the strongest resonance with your True Soul Note to begin manifesting a life that is truly YOU!

Audio (mp3) Length – 20:30

Sample This Clearing:


Living your Authentic Life is a metaphysical process that first begins by broadcasting your Unique Signature Frequency into your reality, which naturally draws to you what is a perfect vibrational match through the Laws of Attraction and Resonance.

In fact, the primary reason that we fail to manifest what we truly want, be it a relationship, specific income level, etc is because we are a vibrational mismatch.

Vibrational mismatch stems from other broadcasts in the energy field that come from patterns and programs that are running below the level of our awareness that we have taken on that create lockdown in Second Hand Realities, manifesting as the programs content, rather than what we consciously want, or what is truly a good match for us.

Excavating Your Authentic Self assist you through rounds of Infinity Healing in removing your Hand Me Down Reality to begin to embody and emit your True Soul Note!

  • Release the programs, hidden tapes and files that you have taken on ancestrally, karmically, and from your childhood that create non-coherence in the field and draw relationships, opportunities, and patterns that are not truly “for you”
  • Undo the effects of messages you have believed about yourself and projections that are not who you are, but others perceptions of you in all ways that reinforces living a lie!
  • Align with your Unique Signature Frequency!
  • Receive a reset of the Solar Plexus Chakra to assist you in using your Will and newfound strong sense of self to create strong boundaries, and immunity from projections.
  • Move into harmonic resonance with your True Hearts Desires by being a frequency match with your Unique Blueprint and Codes!

The result is you manifesting what feels like a perfect match with grace and ease, living more authentically, and being immune to the projections and judgements of others, and developing a truly strong sense of who you are and what you are here to do!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Embodying Your Expanded Self and Stepping into Your Power audio activaions!

“I recently have discovered your videos and website and I love it. Your voice is so soothing and comforting.” -Myeida

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