Embodying Your Expanded Self

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Connect to Unlimited You and immerse yourself in the joys of freedom from limiting belief patterns and programs!

Audio (mp3) Length – 20:42

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Sometimes what God/Source/Universe has for us, is so much more expansive and remarkable that what we envision for ourselves, because of the limitations that we have placed upon ourselves, and what we can do, have and be.

Once we remove those filters, we are able to not only see but allow the unlimited possibilities for ourselves and our lives!

The key is in removing the filters that lock us into being, thinking, believing, and dreaming small. These filters can be from emeshment with collective beliefs, ancestral or karmic patterns, or internalized subconscious setpoints that we have picked up that lock us into second hand lives and realities that no longer fit, because they do not match our Highest Truth.

In Embodying Your Expanded Self I facilitate rounds of Infinity Healing to:

  • Clear emeshment of your energy with non beneficial morphic fields and beliefs that keep you “locked in” and limited.
  • Activate dormant and upgrade current spiritual and creative gifts.
  • Expand your internal setpoints around what you can do, be, and have.
  • Deactivate self sabatoging triggers
  • Align you with your Soul Potential and Purpose.
  • Attune you the the frequency of your most joyful and expanded reality.

The result is you moving with grace and ease into “uncharted waters,” leaving behind things that no longer serve you, powerful and bold creating of your own reality, and showing up for all of your good as a new way of being!

“I recently have discovered your videos and website and I love it. Your voice is so soothing and comforting.” -Myeida

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