Divine Masculine Transmission


Release the effects of Divine Masculine related wounded and templating from the original source in this lifetime… your relationship with your Father with healing transmissions from the healing frequencies from the plant, and mineral kingdoms, and the Sun and create new pathways of connection to and expression of your own Masculine Energies!

Audio (mp3) Length – 14:57

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Our relationship with our fathers is our first experience with Divine Masculine energy. In its most positive expression, the Solar Masculine instills courage, confidence, a sense of responsibility, and self worth. If our relationship with our father was riddled with rejection, abuse, emotional unavailability, or non-existent it can greatly impact our self esteem, worthiness, relationships with authority figures and significant others( for women, especially).

Divine Masculine Transmission is a frequency bath to heal and transmute Father-related distortions in the Inner Child Consciousness, connect your energy to Solar Masculine transmissions from the Sun and resets your Solar Plexus Chakra for maximum confidence, courage and right use of Ego. It brings in healing attunements from the Christed Mineral and Plant kingdoms to purge Divine Masculine related blocks and non-beneficial templating and download pure Unconditional Love from the Heavenly Father to help you feel safe, protected and supported!

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