Healing Music: Divine Alchemy Language of Light Angelic Song


Alchemize and transmute dense energy into neutral light/its Highest Octave with this 8-minute and 28-second transmission of Angelic Soul song, set to new spiritual Healing Music by Sonja’s Sacred Partner Andy!

Audio (mp3) Length – 08:28

Sample This Clearing:


Divine Alchemy is the first track in the Language of Light Angelic Soul Song Series, created by Sacred Partners Sonja and Andy.

Challenging situations often arise as our soul’s way of bringing our awareness to negative beliefs and programming that we have taken on that is currently up for clearing and release.

The Light Transmissions brought in over 8 minutes of new healing music with you at the level of your Higher Self to accelerate and expedite the process of clearing energetic blocks and templating that are currently up for clearing, minimizing the need to manifest hardship and problems to learn and grow from.

It also helps to transmute negativity accumulated in the aura, and release thoughts, projections, beliefs and energies that do not belong to you.

The end result is the ability to connect and bring forth your Authentic Self with infinite grace and ease, increased clarity and sense of direction, and the transformation of situations that were being created from your default programming.

This track can be used repeatedly as part of your daily meditations, when doing yoga, or anytime you are facing a difficult situation and need help moving stuck energy!

Here is a free sample for you!!

“This is a transcendental experience. I felt it work on all my chakras, moving through or staying as was needed. I feel free and cleansed. Thank you for this beautiful tool.” -Linda Lu
“I have enjoyed the Divine Alchemy track (and thanks for the updated version) and also Andy’s meditation. I’m looking forward to more!” -Sandi

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