Core Wound Clearing Audio: Love Ignores Me


This installment of the Core Wound Clearing: Inner Child Beliefs series assists you in releasing the Love Ignores Me program, and subsequent looping patterns of being ignored, unseen, and unnoticed in your relationships, and other areas of your life!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:05

Sample This Clearing:


The first seven years of our lives are a time when the veil of forgetfulness begins to obscure the truth of our Divinity and we begin to take on programming and illusion about who we truly are.

Our relationship with our parents not only provides us with the very first experiences of Masculine and Feminine energy, but their relationship with one another installs belief systems about ourselves and about relationships that effect how we perceive ourselves, and the world.

And, yes…even our Twin Flame Union and other intimate relationships.

If we were abused, ignored, or criticized, or if our parents marriage was a hot mess, our Inner Child learns from these experiences, filing them away in our subconscious where we will relive these dynamics over in a never ending loop.

  • Were your parents so wrapped up in their day to day lives or marriage problems that they did not have time for you?
  • Was there a focus on another sibling that seemed to take up everyone’s time and attention, while you were on the sidelines?
  • Was one or both of your parents a Narcissist?
  • Did you grow up where the real you was rejected and what others wanted and needed you to be was projected onto you?
  • Did you grow up in a dysfunctional environment where you did not feel seen or heard?

If so, you may find in your relationships that you are frequently not seen or appreciated, or your efforts may go unnoticed, or your strengths and attributes not acknowledged.

You may find yourself frequently being a supporting actor in other peoples play: always being what others need you to be, while your True Self is ignored.

Perhaps you have learned to suppress your truth and true needs and desires to receive Love.

These are all indicators of the Love Ignores Me program.

In this audio we will clear this, align you with your Unique Soul Truth, and help your Inner Child to know it is safe to be seen.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Liberating Trapped Truth audio activation.

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