Collapsing Inverted Masculine Fields


Accelerate the process of anchoring in your True Union Template and codes by releasing the overlays of Inverted Masculine Energy, and expand to receive the Love of The Holy Father by healing your relationship with the Masculine.

This activation, extracted from the Solstice/Fathers Day 2020 Healing Event: The Resurrection and Return of the Divine Masculine collapses programming, templates and overlays around the following dynamics that disconnect us from the Love of The Holy Father, and keep us vibrationally matched to and drawing in inverted masculine archetypes.

  1. The False Tyrannical Father: This is a fear and terror of the Masculine the originates from religious programming about a vengeful and judgmental God and/or a Father who was emotionally abusive, rageful, and volatile.
  2. The Absent Masculine Program: This is software that often runs in the field of those whose Father was absent from the home due to abandonment, death, or divorce, or a father who was emotionally unavailable. This program causes us to unconsciously believe that a masculine who is never around, always abandoning, or is emotionally or physically unavailable is “normal”, and this is what we draw.
  3. The Juvenile Masculine: This is masculine energy that is immature, lacks integrity, says one thing and does another, cannot handle the emotions of the Feminine so avoids them, sleeps around, polyamorous, chasing money and status and position, doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and how they affect others. Collapsing this out of the field enables us to begin to open to the TRUE Divine Masculine, who does not operate from this platform. It also drops out any Princess Programming where we are “locked in a tower” waiting for this man to change and “rescue us”.

Collapsing out these fields assists us in exiting the hamster wheel of needing/chasing/attracting a certain male archetype out of the unresolved trauma in our Pain Body, and into the receptivity to the true Union template.

Warning: If you have a masculine like this in your life that you are hoping is your Twin Flame, or are wanting Union with, you may find “he” drops out of your life, or you no longer want “him” once you integrate this energy. Proceed only if you want the Truth, rather than attachment to a story around a certain person.

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