Clearing the Fear of Disappointment

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Deactivate the fear and projection of past disappointments on your Now and begin to see what those fears were withholding from you with this powerful energetic process!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:20

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Fear of disappointment is one of the main stumbling blocks to taking chances and opening up to all of our good, especially if our early experiences with disappointment were exceptionally painful, humiliating, or discouraging.

What we sometimes do not realize the frequency of fearing disappointment not only attracts more of its like energy to us, it also keeps us from seeing the doorway to “something even better” (which is what disappointment is often cleverly disguised as).

In fact, this debilitating fear can keep us completely paralyzed and unable to do much of anything, and we stay stuck and in stagnation, whether its in love, or in taking chances with our dreams and visions!

In Clearing the Fear of Disappointment, I facilitate rounds of Infinity Healing to clear ancestral, past/parallel life, and other places where you have aligned with the fear of disappointment, open pathways for you to begin to see the technicolor world that exists on the other side of this fear, and anchor you in the trust that everything is working out for your Highest Good, that you might know that it is safe to take risks and chances again!

I also work with the very powerful Lemurian Golden Healer, a special Lemurian Seed Crystal to transmute distortions in the 4 chakra centers that tend to hold the Fear of Disappointment with powerful Golden Light, giving you an energetic reset!

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