Clearing Confusion

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Blast away blocks to connecting to your soul truth, clarity, and empowerment to create your most joyful reality through Clearing Confusion as its root!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:32

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Because we create our physical reality through the mechanism of our choices and decisions, confusion is a state that works against us as Conscious Co-Creators, and often leaves us accepting a default timeline that is not aligned with our Highest Possible Good because our minds are short circuited by too many choices, or not enough clarity around the options available to us.

As a result we can feel stuck, overwhelmed, or disappointed by outcomes that were forced upon us while unable to decide what we want, or where we want to go in life.

There are root energetic structures that contribute to chronic states of confusion, including morphic fields that “someone else know best” which muffles the sound of our soul truth, childhood invalidation where we learn that we cannot trust our own inner process, clogged intuitive centers, fears of making a “wrong choice” (often security and survival fears in disguise), and others that keep us disempowered and spinning our wheels.

Clearing Confusion is an energetic process that targets and locates your personal core distortions that directly or indirectly create your confusion, reconnects your energetic centers to your unique energetic frequency, and clears your field to connect you to your Unique Truth for choosing what is right for you with grace and ease!

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