Claiming Your Divine Birthright: Spiritual Sovereignty


Activate and embody the freedom to be YOU, to broadcast your purest essence, and to be free from the influence of subconscious software that creates “second-hand realities.”

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Do you know your rights?

Your birthrights, that is.

Your Divine Birthrights are Sacred Privileges that you come into the planet with and that you can claim to truly show up for all of your good and be of the Highest Service.

It is a given, whether you realize it or not.  Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of what our Divine Birthright is. As a result, we go through life sort of wandering around playing it small and manifesting a small life to match.

One of these Divine Birthrights is the Birthright of Spiritual Sovereignty.

Spiritual Sovereignty is the right to be who we are and shine our Light and live the Highest Expression of our most Authentic Self.

The problem is for so many of us, we have bought into so many stories of who we truly are, including the illusion of separation from The Divine and our own Divine Consciousness.

This creates software in the subconscious and templates in the field that create “second-hand realities”…lives that are based on who you THINK or believe you are, but not who you truly are, which is why aspects of it may feel “off” or “wrong” or unsatisfying…like trying to fit a size 7 shoe on a size 7 1/2 foot. (It gets on there, butit pinches and feels uncomfortable!).

The ability to connect to, embrace, and express our True Authentic Essence is the corner stone for discovering our life purpose, gifts, passions, soul tribe, and directions in life.

In this first installment in the Claiming Your Divine Birthright Series, I bring in transmissions of deep healing light down the chakra pillar, cellular memory, and energy bodies to uninstall this non-beneficial software of unworthiness, being limited, and small, and fill you with the Light of Your Sacred and Pure Vibratory Note.

As a result, you will be able to release creations and timelines built from your smallness and into more coherent states and realities that are TRULY YOU.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Embodying Your Expanded Self, and I AM that I AM from the I AM Series.

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