Burnout Restoration Process


This powerful nourishing energetic process is for those who have had prolonged exposure to hardship, stress, struggle and trauma that has manifested as feeling numb, burnt out and disconnected from life and joy, and ones Higher Self.

Audio (mp3) Length – 35:11

Sample This Clearing:


Ever hear the saying, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong?”

It is not just a saying for some. For some it has been an actual life experience where they have attracted one “series of unfortunate events” after another, sometimes with little to no breather in between.

Homelessness, losing a loved one, financial collapse, dis-ease, family strife, losing a job, seemingly one dark night of the soul after another can wear on the faith, tax the emotions, and create a feeling of numbness, as unprocessed anxiety, grief, and sorrow creates energetic callouses where it can be challenging to “feel normal” any more, and leave us in a state of victim hood where we literally can’t take anymore, and brace ourselves for the next onslaught.

Spirit has revealed to me that there are many karmic and ancestral dynamics involved in this process, including inner child and generational programs that “life has to be a struggle”, the spiritual misconception that crisis and drama is the only way to spiritual growth, outdated contracts as a Lightworker to take on the “sins of the world”, and even physical addiction to fight or flight hormones that cause us to manifest repeated traumas on auto pilot.

In Burnout Restoration Process, I take you through 7 rounds of deep energetic cleansing using combinations of Language of Light, Sacred Toning, Solfeggio tones, and downloads of deep energetic frequencies, including the very powerful and new Energetic Nutrient that was downloaded to me to work with in this activation.

In this almost 35 minute process we will:

  • Cleanse the trauma field, pain body, and cellular memory from all stored emotional charge from previous traumas and losses through out all of your existences.
  • Clear karmic and ancestral based belief systems that “Life is hard” or “Life has to be a struggle”
  • Undo the belief that the spiritual path has to be difficult and riddled with hardship.
  • Release outdated soul contract that you have to take on the problems of the world as a Lightworker, in all ways that no longer serves you.
  • Deactivate addiction to fight or flight chemical response, to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Clear clogged heart and sacral chakras, usually the root of feeling numb and shut down.
  • Realign your magnetics to the vibratory frequency of your Unique Energetic Note.
  • Bring in the nourishing Energetic Nutrient download and new Light Information from your Higher Self to replace what was cleared, and get you creating from joy and Love, for maximum energetic reset.

You can go back and work with any of the rounds individually, or the entire process as needed to completely shift you into the frequency of Heaven on Earth, feeling “yourself” again, and receptivity of joy and abundance.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Healing the Mind/Body Split, Clearing Victim Mentality, and Clearing the Trauma Field!

“I was guided to you by a women who entered into her union because of your teachings…. My heart actually jumps for joy when I write this. I’ve only began the healing and releasing. I’m super excited to dive deep into your work. You truly are an angel and give many gifts I hold so much appreciate for you. I can’t express how much you have helped me.” -L.K.

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