Soul Star Series: Activating the Soul Star Chakra


Deepen your connection with your Higher Self, receive nurturing Love from your Divine Soul, download new spiritual gifts and clarity about your mission and purpose through activation of the “Seat of the Soul,” also known as the Soul Star Chakra!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:15

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The Soul Star, or 8th Chakra is the energetic center 6 inches above the head.

It is the energy center where we connect with our I AM Presence, and receive Love and nurturing Light from the Divine.

It also stores the Light Information about our spiritual gifts and Soul Plan and Mission, and karmic residue.

Activating and connecting to the Soul Star is one of the most powerful ways to move into Self Mastery, and clarity about who we are and why we are here, and how to apply it in our physical reality for maximum shift.

In Activating the Soul Star Chakra, I guide you through a powerful meditation designed to download light codes from the Soul Star into your consciousness, clear and activate the pineal gland and 6th chakra to unlock your intuitive vision and receive clear information!

This audio is the first in the Soul Star Series.

“Whew!! what an amazing way to start my year!! Thank you just doesnt seem enough…i wait eagerly for the others as i continue to absorb the light from this incredible activation.” -Linda Lu

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