How to Stop Being A Doormat (The Easy Way)

Are you ready to stop being a doormat once and for all?

Ready to let go of people pleasing?

Prepared to stop acting like a bottomless pit… so you can teach friends, family, coworkers and lover(s) to treat you better?

Are you open to using a little magic to help you transition from “Wipe Your Feet” shirt to confident, empowered and doormat free?

If so, you’re in luck.

I’ve decided to share parts of an energy healing audio recorded by my partner Sonja Evans, to help you say “Doormat No More!” with grace and ease.

Guided Meditation Featured In This Post: I AM Doormat Free (on discount for a limited time)

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We're Getting Doormat Removal Insight From A Guided Meditation... Without Listening To It?

Yes. The meditation, or "activation" contains prompts for clearing spiritual issues at the root of being a doormat.

I highly recommend taking a look at the audio activation itself

Healing is not just about understanding "How to" stop being a doormat...

...but actually liberating yourself from that energetic block.

It begins with relaxation, deep belly breaths, grounding and activating the Infinity Healing template. This means creating a sacred space for God / Source / Universe to do the healing work.

Infinity Healing does not connect you to the ego of any person. It only connects you to the spiritual healing energy of the Universe, kinda like Reiki.

If you would like to hear the prompts instead of reading them, watch this video.

Note: Just reading or hearing the prompts is not an Infinity Healing. 

You need the full audio to activate, tap into, and ground the Infinity Healing template and your specific healing with Sonja, a certified Infinity Healing facilitator.

However, if you focus on working the prompts in your life, you may be able to make great progress with or without the audio. 

Prompts To Clear Victimhood and Stop Being a Doormat Forever

The first Infinity Healing prompt we hear for people ready to stop being a doormat is:

Would you like to receive an Infinity Healing to clear and dismantle the original program at its original entry point that taught you to neglect yourself and your needs?

So, to heal doormat-itis, the first step is to release programming that tells you to neglect yourself.

Next up, inner child clearing for three blocks:

Would you like to receive an Infinity Healing to clear any and all ways that your inner child received the message that his or her needs were not important, that in order to receive love he or she had to do as he or she was told, or that he or she is responsible for the feelings and happiness of others?

Three negative inner child programs to clear here:

  1.  Your needs are not important
  2. To receive love you must do as you are told
  3. You are responsible for the feelings and happiness of others

Then we have a prompt to clear unwanted brain patterns on a spiritual level:

And would you like to receive an infinity healing to dissolve all neural nets that have been hardwired into your brain that has made being walked on a habit and a pattern for you?

And deep breath... next a throat and solar plexus flush:

Would you like a download to flush the solar plexus and the throat chakra from all blocks in articulating your true wants needs and desires to yourself and to others?

Dissolving cords and expired soul contracts:

Would you like to receive a clearing to dissolve any and all non-beneficial cords and expired soul contracts in your bioenergetic field, with people who are in your life who manipulate, take from, and walk all over you?

Reinforcing that YOU, your feelings and your desires are important:

and would you like a download from your Higher Self to help you know on all levels of your being that you are important, what you feel is important, and what you want is important and have this be your new energetic set point?

Deep breath...

And would you like to receive a download from your Higher Self that downloads new beliefs and programs to know that 

  • it is safe to say "No" and
  • be free from any and all expectations of punishment or rejection from others for saying "No" and 
  • have this be your new energetic set point?

Finally a Higher Self download to strengthen your energetic boundaries:

And would you like to receive a download from your Higher Self to reinforce your own personal energetic boundaries translating and manifesting into stronger and more defined personal boundaries with other people?

To solidify the healing, Sonja provides a time of integration to connect with the solar plexus, to connect with your divine soul note and essence.

Take the time to feel into this and to breathe into this... because this is your unique signature frequency. 

And for many of you, you are tuning into and connecting to this for the first time.

So do take the time to feel into this you may feel buzzing or electricity moving through you.

Just breathe and be patient and be present with this.

I'm also running the frequency of citrine through your solar plexus chakra to help strengthen your personal empowerment and feelings of empowerment... just recharging and refreshing that chakra for you.

To be clear, all of the above statements are intentions. Any "healing" meditation is a ritual of intention. It works as effectively as possible depending on your subconscious and Higher Self.

Finally, there is a grounding protocol and a "run until done" command for the healing to continue to work as much as it knows you can release and receive.

Notice that most of the prompts in I AM Doormat Free align to the steps in this article on how to stop being a doormat?

If any of the above resonates for you, to get unstuck from the welcome mat of life...

... then I AM Doormat Free may be the perfect audio activation for you. Check it out today while discounts still apply.

Or if you prefer to meditate on the principles in this article by yourself without a guide?

That could help too! I'm thankful to have written this out to help move your liberation forward.

Blessings and Namaste,



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