Hieros Gamos: The Ultimate Divine Union Template

Hey! Andy here.

Just got through taking notes on Sonja’s Venus Retrograde in Gemini call from 5/10/2020.

Although the call itself is no longer available, I feel it was one of the most important messages Sonja has ever given. So I decided to take notes and ask whether we can release the activation at the end of the call to make it available everyone.

And Sonja said yes!

You can scroll to the bottom of the page to get the activation, but if you weren’t on the call I encourage you to skim the notes first.

  • This is a very special time for Lightworkers / Healers / Planetary Servers.
  • Venus Retrograde in Gemini over next 40 days.
  • Venus orbits around sun faster (225 days vs our 365).
  • The effect of inner planets tends to be profound and impact us in short period of time.
  • Outer planets tend to influence generations
  • “Re-” is the theme of retrograde
  • Venus rules Taurus and Libra – Taurus:
    • Uranus is in Taurus until 2028
    • Taurus is known as the “money sign” – on a superficial level it is that, but at the core it’s about security – anything about building stability and foundations in the physical plane – what you are building in your life and what you value, even your core values.
    • What you value is where you’ll direct your energy ( including money and time).
    • Uranus creates the unexpected – it brings in curveballs out of nowhere… designed to break down old structures and ways of being.
    • Uranus wants us to tap into our unique brilliance, creating change so things can progress toward new solutions and a higher way of doing things that will affect the whole in a positive way.
    • When Uranus first transited into Taurus in Spring 2018 you might have found values in your life being challenged. The purpose was to uproot values that have been installed in us, that are inorganic to our Soul Truth.
    • As we embody our Soul Truth in the ascension process, that which is not organic to our Soul Truth will collapse and leave our lives.
    • The more we resist this process, living on faulty foundations, the more we attempt to hold on, the more painful it can be.
    • Our #1 priority should be full embodiment because this will bring us everything our Soul deeply wants.
    • Our goal ought to be to seek first the “Kingdom” and allow everything inorganic to our nature to fall out.
    • In the fullness of our Star Essence, we create the broadcast from the center of our being that attracts everything that is a match to our vibratory essence.
  • Venus Retrograde and Libra – perhaps even more important because Libra, like Gemini, is an air sign, and it’s currently in a trine with Gemini.
    • Libra is focused on balance – the “we” – and what is fair and good and right for everyone involved and how can we achieve that?
    • The harmonious balance of the “self” and “other self.”
    • Libra being in trine with Gemini, which is where Venus Retrograde is taking place, is powerful for Twin Flames
    • Mercury is going retrograde as Venus goes direct in June. Mercury retrograde can give extra “wow” time for processing Venus Retrograde.
    • Geminis are funny, witty, friendly… but trine with Libra… there’s something bigger going on.
    • The way this will occur, will be expressions of both Taurus and Libra energy – to go within as events come in to break down inorganic values (Taurus) and create balance within ourselves on some level (Libra)
    • There may be delays, and everything happens on God’s timing… but that’s a big part of the purpose of a retrograde.
    • Gemini can have restless energy, so there might be a sense of restlessness as the “green light is rolled back” in many ways… there are many factors happening behind the scenes… and by the end of this retrograde, many of us might want something different.
    • Taurus energy is big on patience, so we’ll want to draw on that to help with the transition.
    • We can integrate Venus energy through exploration of the beliefs: how and if they’re truly serving us.
    • The rules of the game are changing. A lot of things that were true this time last year are becoming not applicable anymore.
    • Reviewing mental attachments, like exploring beliefs, will help shape our perspectives
    • Connect our Mental Body to our Higher Self / Christ Avatar Self
    • If you’ve got a Libra or Taurus Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mercury, or rising or major aspects, you’ll feel these shifts moreso, but we’ll all be touched by this.
  • Hieros Gamos: The “Twin Flame Within”

    Image copyright https://energeticsynthesis.com/, shared via Creative Commons
    • Sonja has been receiving downloads about this for about a year, with increasing intensity in the last couple months
    • She’s been seeing things in Twin Flame circles that don’t and never have sat well with her
    • She never got into the signs / symptoms / teachings you see on other peoples’ websites
    • She had been in a “False Twin Flame” relationship before and
    • Back in the early 2000’s it was mostly couples in Union, about loving God first as a prerequisite for drawing in your Twin, nothing about “running” and “chasing” and all that.
    • Since she got back into it in 2016, there were all sorts of teachings. Sonja has always taught to go to God and your angels.
    • Possible trigger warning: If you’re into the signs and popular teachings, this might be triggering.
    • Either way, please remain open and consider this message. Not as jumping on a band wagon. The truth will set us free, though it might make us uncomfortable at first.
    • Gemini representing the Lovers – Twin Flames
      • Associated with duality – seeking to create balance and harmony, similar to Library
      • Opportunity for Sacred Marriage, or Hieros Gamos, within the self. It’s in that space of balancing M/F which connects us to the Divine organically.
      • Hieros Gamos is the blueprint for True Divine Sacred Union.
      • There’s been an inverted “false light Twin Flame template” that has been popularly taught which teaches that there’s something sacred about a painful relationship where you’re being ghosted / ignored / cheated upon / etc.
      • God has put something on Sonja’s heart to help people break free of the inverted teachings and awaken to your True Union Codes
      • For many yes this is truly your counterpart and you’re experiencing some “hiccups” along the way.
      • For those in the False Light template, this will become abundantly clear over this Venus Retrograde if it hasn’t already.
      • The corruption of Sacred Mirror teaching into self-blame for abuse is not okay. Especially as a pre-requisite for Sacred Union.
      • The True Union Template is called what it is in it’s truest form as “Hieros Gamos.” The Union of the Divine Father and Mother as the emanation of the Christos and the Sophia, alchemized, which harmonizes the Spirit and creates Oneness as the holy Trinity (father, mother, and us).
      • We carry tones of Christos Sophia within us (women polarizing more toward Sophia naturally, usually, and men toward the Christos)

        Art by Kinyuko R. Craft
      • Christ healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry. It was because he was in full Hieros Gamos Union within himself. The ascension process is designed to create the same thing within us. It’s not overnight but it is kicking into high gear. This sets up a broadcast that starts to draw in, to pull in. To connect with our soul family.
      • Many of us are dealing with distortion and imbalance in our polarity (see video: How the Feminine Truly Steps Into Her Power)
  • Men on the spiritual path tend to be stronger in the Sophianic Essence because women already possess it naturally even when not consciously “awakening.”
    • The return of the feminine has been a strong theme for decades, but since 2012 it has been ramping up.
    • Over the past thousands of years, there’s been a “war on the feminine” – with a controlling, punishing, and even oppressing God image being pushed along with misogyny and patriarchy… raping, abusing, siphoning Sophia’s essence.
    • Many of us “galactic volunteers” have volunteered to take on Sophia’s wounds to help heal the wounding of her energy on the earth.
    • At the highest level, we have Christos and Sophia merging into Oneness.
    • Sonja prefers “Divine Union” and “Sacred Partnership” over Twin Flame now because TF connects to morphic fields that are often not what she considers to be in her highest interest.
    • Union of the Sohpianic that merge into one spiritual body to be of service to the divine plan and celebrate ascension on the earth however they’re guided to be of service.
    • Analogy: electrical appliances – two polarities, one positive, one “negative” – opposite polarities working together. Just as a simple example.
    • Universal Law of Correspondence: What happens on the physical has a corresponding part in the spiritual.
    • Universe Law of Gender: Balance of masculine and feminine within the self is the basis of all creation. We need it for full Self / Divine consciousness. From our Light body we create our mission and true life, and draw to us everything we need to fulfill the Divine Plan.
  • If relationship with Divine or with yourself is secondary, you may find the person you believed to be your TF leaving your life so you can be redirected to Inner Sacred Marriage and your relationship to your Divine Mother and Father.
  • If you’re finding them not honoring your Divine Sophia, they will be removed from your life. You chase them if you want but it may be attachment to a story that could come crashing down. Venus Retrograde in Gemini is bringing in a “wrecking ball” to break through stuff we no longer need to be attached to.
  • Many people are writing in and saying they aren’t focusing on their TF anymore, they’re doing their own thing, etc…
  • Often God / Source / Universe will show Sonja information about a TF, but often not.
  • If the other isn’t in reverence to the Sophia and wanting to protect her and honor her and view her sacredness, if they are unable to on any level, then it’s not gonna fly anymore. The New Earth Kingdom has a certain vibratory note, and it is in resonance with the Christ Sophia.
  • If we grew up with emotional neglect, or if we were unseen and invalidated, it sets up templates in our pain body. This is where we pull in people we believe to be our twins – not saying it is or isn’t – but when we manifest relationships from the pain body, we draw others who bring that pain to us over and over and over until we go in and heal at the root.
  • That sorrow stays present in the pain body.
  • If we want to awaken from ideologies about running / chasing / union… anything that is causing us consistent and continuous pain and turmoil and heartbreak and devastation… it can be used by God, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming from God.
  • This is where Venus Retrograde in Gemini will help separate us from consciousness traps.
  • Be prepared to ask “Is this serving me?” “Is it causing more harm than good?”
  • When we are operating from the Divine Mother template within us, we’ll be loving, nurturing, compassionate, and tolerant.
  • The 10 of Cups community tends to be very strong in the Sophianic essence, which is a good thing, however…
  • A little bit on inverted feminine energy:
    • Manifests as neediness, being manipulative, insecure, brooding, overbearing, smothering, and codependent.
    • Many of us are strong in the Divine Feminine energy, which is beautiful and laudable…
    • The problem is when we get with people who aren’t fully embodied, or if we aren’t ourselves, maybe who have gone through childhood trauma and may be dissociated in some ways, it can be possible for them to drag you into negative or vampiristic types of things.
    • If you’re not being in a space of Christ energy, with Love tempered by Truth… then we have to get to a point that we realized that someone else’s journey with God and coming into Wholeness, there’s nothing we can do to help them or make them learn those lessons. So if they’ve gotten to the point of fragmentation, giving to them pours right out, like water in a leaky pitcher.
    • If they can’t align with your Queen codes then you’ve got to let that go.
    • If you keep that dynamic around you in your life, then you’re going to burn yourself out.
    • Sonja comes across a lot of leaky auras where you’re just leaking because you’re getting siphoned out. It’s time for that to stop.
  • Balanced Masculine:
    • Defending the Divine Sophia
    • Being able to speak one’s truth
    • Brave
  • Inverted Masculine: controlling, dominant, ruthless, cowardly behavior, siphoning from others for own gain, narcissistic
  • If your twin flame is filled with inversions, it’s not your responsibility to correct those. If it’s taking us out of our calm center, then we have to reflect. Venus Retrograde will be bringing this in for many of us.
  • Love and Truth make up the pillars of Sacred Marriage.
    • When you’re too feminine, you’re super giving but too much so… issues with boundaries…
    • Sonja shares a story of me kicking people out of her/our apartment… I’m not quite sure I remember it quite the same way…
    • You need your intuition and your common sense “B.S. Detector”
  • Next 6 Weeks: Heiros Gamos within which lays a foundation for union with other. These help shift us at at foundational level:
    • Need to rethink choices / decisions
    • Re-evaluation decisions
    • Review mental attachments
    • Restoring sovereignty to the mental body
  • If you’re with someone who doesn’t protect the Sophianic Essence, who devalue you and dishonor you as the Sacred Feminine, who ridicule you, disappear for weeks or months, and then just appear like it’s business as usual, nothing that shows that you are important in any way shape or form… where if the TF label wasn’t part of the equation, then there’s no way you would put up with this… that will be dismantled.
  • Those who still have heart connection, there’s still underlying love but there are some road bumps, this dismantling doesn’t apply.
  • As you build your “Queen Codes” or “King Codes,” anything not matching those matching tones within their field is going to leave your life, because there’s no more time to waste. Wasting your time on immaturity is coming to a close. If your partner isn’t stepping up to the plate in some way shape or form we will not allow it or anything impure to enter our space.
  • In the next six weeks, what we need to value is ourselves.
  • Good news: This will also be occurring within our Divine Counterparts – Hieros Gamos.
  • Recent events have called many to awaken to the true nature of reality.
  • Many of you will be hearing from your true Divine Counterpart during this Venus Retrograde.
  • Success of any Union is contingent on Both parties awakening process. We’ve got to be able to hold the same vision.
  • Mercury Retrograde in June will require you to do thinking about what you want to do with this situation and what feels right in your heart.
  • Sacred Union doesn’t require that your Beloved be perfect – they don’t need to be channeling the dolphins and be into New Age ideology
  • Difference between “perfect” and playing head games / flaunting new TF is the difference.
  • If old flame comes back, don’t be so quick to just go full throttle. Start moving into your masculine. Take your time, look for humility. Are they taking responsibility? Opening up? Sharing from heart? Guard yourself. Ask, are they for real this time, or is it more B.S?
  • It’s about building a foundation of Self love, self respect, honoring your value you and your sacredness
  • The healthy masculine will respond well to boundaries. If you don’t have them, it’s natural that some may trample on them.
  • Give yourself the “Gift of Goodbye” if you’re dealing with the court jester, not the King.
  • Air signs are associated with swords… you know how they say, “Cutting through the bullsh*t?” That’s what’s coming through in a big way.
  • Not just with the Twin Flame thing, but with everything. Many of us need a healthy dose of that truth, and the truth will set you free.
  • Reality is influenced by what information we take in, and we have to be careful because the wrong information can lead to disillusionment.
  • Disillusionment, over time, can erode our trust in God / Source.
  • Hieros Gamos occurs at the 12th dimension – 13th dimension and beyond and you’re moving into the God Head where all is One.
  • Activation: Felt strongly about working with Holy Mother Arc Energy and then Holy Mother Ark Quantum Portal
  • The Holy Mother Arc is a field of consciousness that emanates from the Holy Mother and is so powerful for clearing and healing and creating miracles in our life and activates the Higher Heart
  • Also some Holy Father Arc tones (more emerald in color) (Holy Mother are more of an aquamarine color)
  • The activation will bring Hieros Gamos in, move out inversions within your own being
  • Will clear out archetypes from your genetic inheritance
    • Our mother and grandmother and everyone was married to the same type of person, for example
  • Work with the Higher Heart which is what holds our Christos Sophia Union Template

If you’d like to experience the activation, you’re in luck!

Although the call is over and done, Sonja has given permission to extract the activation to make it available forever.

The cost is $25.55. (Yes, you can use your 11.11 Club discount. If you were on the call then there’s no need to purchase this).

You won’t find this activation in the 10 of Cups Library.

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