Finding your soul family: Seven guiding principles!

Finding and connecting with your soul family, or soul group, can be one of the most satisfying parts of your spiritual journey… and your life!!

And what is your soul family, exactly?

There are many different theories about your monad, and numbers of soul fragments splitting off to form members of your soul tribe that are currently incarnate upon the earth that can get downright complicated. We wanted to simplify it for you by saying that your Soul Family are individuals who “see” and love you as you truly are without judgement or condition, create an instantaneous “heart connection” that feels like home, and assist you in some way in fulfilling the Divine Plan for your Life.

They are your companions of destiny and they can be anyone from your Sacred Partner, a relative, a friend, or someone you meet on a forum or group.

Sadly, so many people who email us mention that they are suffering from feeling isolated, without anyone or with few connections in the world.

Some even share that though they have friends, family, and co-workers with whom they interact, they still feel alone.

It is quite common, particularly for those of us on the ascension/spiritual path to have difficulty connecting to others who are like minded and like frequency (both are important in manifesting soul family).

Often this occurs because our current companions, though we have amicable relationships with them, are not a vibrational match for us anymore, despite blood relations or other powerful dynamics.

When you are with your Soul Tribe not only do you feel like you have come home, but it is impossible to feel alone and unsupported. These people have found you and you them to connect at the level of the heart to manifest heart centered living and loving!

We have both personally been there on both sides of the coin, feeling lost and lonely on our paths at various points, as well as experiencing the joys of Soul Family Love.

So we decided to create a practical guide to drawing “your people” into your life.

We felt it important to touch on this subject for this “2” Year where so many of us are being provided with the opportunity to balance out our lives and one of the hugest axis lines being harmonized is me/we, meaning the energies of 2018 are supportive of wondrous harmonious relations…not just romantic, but any that add to your experience of joy and abundance in your life!

These seven steps we are sharing with you are intended as a checklist you can reflect on and follow to create, maintain, and deepen your soul family connections.

1. Connect with who you are on a soul level

There is so much talk in metaphysical circles about frequency, and truly, like does attract like.

When we find we are not vibing with the people in our lives, it is due to vibrational mismatch. When we are not aligned with our signature vibratory note and broadcasting that out into the world, we will draw to ourselves those who are vibrating with misqualifying energies and/or false personalities that we build to protect us from rejection, betrayal, etc.

Our Soul Tribe is drawn to us through matching notes that harmonize and resonate with theirs. This is why is is crucial to prioritze being our authentic self, by aligning with our core frequency. This also explains why you can connect to someone who is like minded (sharing the same beliefs and concepts) but still doesn’t resonate.

Like mindedness is not enough to attract your true Soul Companions. In fact your true Soul Companions may not even share your spiritual, political, personal views!

More on that a little later.

So how do you connect with your own Soul and Frequency?

Activities such as journaling, meditation, and living your life according to what is joyful to you and on your terms without caring what others think or say is a great start.

If you find living your life authentically and free from others opinions and judgements difficult, we have some tools that can support you in the process such as Activating the Soul Star ChakraThe Box Free Life: Releasing People Pleasing and Others’ Opinions, and Excavating Your Authentic Self to truly align with the frequencies needed to release energies that may send out conflicting broadcasts that attract vibrational mismatch in your relationships, and align you with your core frequency, connecting you to your Divine Soul!

2. Do things you enjoy, including social activities

We have a tendency as Spiritual People when trying to manifest relationships to think that all we need to do is create our affirmations, assemble our vision board, and put our energy out there into the Universe and people will magically show up!

However, co-creating implies a joint venture where the Universe does It’s part and we do ours.

In other words, people are not going to magically appear on our doorstep. We have to put in the inspired action to make it happen.

Inspired action means just that: doing something to make it happen as Divinely Inspired. If you feel guided to go to events in your community, try out a new coffee shop that has been calling you, taking a class, or a trip, these could very well be the breadcrumbs guiding you to others who have “heard the call” on deeper levels and are waiting for you to show up!


3. Love thyself, because like attracts like!

As we mentioned earlier, Like attracts like, and as such the love we are able to give and receive in our relationships is only as good as the love that we have for ourselves.

If we have issues with worthiness, receiving love, giving love, or being vulnerable, that will also be reflected back in the relationships we attract.

If you have had issues with your self worth, boundaries, loving yourself, seeing yourself as a Divine Child worthy of love, joy, and abundance, or have had a looping pattern of betrayal, backstabbing, rejection, etc in your relationships, it may be time to take inventory about where you are in loving yourself, and the energy you are putting out there.

Heart Armor (also referred to heart walls) are actual energetic structures around the heart that are built up over time as a result of being hurt and mistreated. As a subconscious defense mechanism, it serves to attempt to protect you from the experience repeating itself but it also keeps love and caring relationships out, resulting in difficulty knowing who to trust, who to let in, and who to allow in your space.

You will have a hard time attracting those who love you without condition if you don’t love yourself without condition or if you are energetically pushing them away.

If this is the case, and you would truly like some energetic support, the 1o of Cups Library has myriads of activations to assist you in moving these energies and creating the open heartedness which is a prelude to Heart-Centered Connecting.

4. Release judgements about people who are different

As we stated in Principle 1, there is a difference between like-minded and a vibrational match.

A person can believe everything that you do about ascension, etc but still not feel like a good match for you.

On the flip side, our Soul Clan can have a completely different set of views, and still be a vibrational match. It is our inclination, for the most part, to mistake the two terms.

We have had joyful heart centered relationships and experiences with those of different religions and spiritual views, socio-economic backgrounds, etc, while having horrible experiences with those who are heavily into Metaphysics and Spirituality.

This is where we are challenged to release judgements about what our Soul Family should look like, what they should believe, and how they should fit into our lives.

In fact, it might be even better to say when talking about the Spiritual Path, we might want to release the word “should” altogether because it creates so much limitation on what God/Source/Universe wants to bring us.

“Should” implies attachment and attempting to control the situation, many times to the detriment of our True Heart’s Desires.

It can be tempting for to think that everyone associated with 10 of Cups Ministries, or everyone who is an empath, or people in this or that spiritual or religious group, are members of our soul tribe.

However, as those who have overcome labels of traditional religion can attest, there is great freedom in finding the universal Oneness in those who appear, sometimes out of the blue, and disappear after a season…

and Oneness with those who are just different than us!

Whether that means looking different, believing different things, even having different *gasp* political views…

Those apparent differences are like roads that in due time lead us to the truth that we are all part of a great Cosmic (and comic!) co-creation.

As you continue to foster your soul family relationships in this incarnation, you can trust that there are many more new revelations to discover about and with your existing soul family, and countless more beings ready to join you for infinite joy and love on your Divine mission <3 <3

Unconditional Love is just that, loving without condition. When we release our judgments about other people and whether they are suitable for our lives based on external criteria, we create space for our Soul Tribe who may very well be of a different nationality, religion, race, or position in life. In fact, it is often that was as our Soul’s way to assist us in growing in Tolerance and Unconditional Love, the very attributes needed for Heart Centered Living.

5. Approach relationships from an abundance mindset

If we are looking for others to connect to out of a sense of lonliness and emptiness, we may find many people who will fill that void, but they are not necessarily our Soul Tribe, or in some cases, even for our Highest Good.

One of the errors that we can sometimes make on the spiritual path is the attempt to desperately search for something or someone outside of the Self in an attempt to fill a void.

If we approach connecting to our Soul Family from a place of lack, then we are affirming that lack, and create more of the same. Remember, the Universe is neutral. It will continue to give you what you affirm, whether negative or positive.

Statements such as “I need to meet new people” or ” I need to find like minded individuals.” or “I need others who can support me” imply that there is a defecit within the Self that can be met by other people.

When you break it all down to essence, when we want to connect to Soul Tribe, at the core of the desire is simply wanted to feel loved, seen, valued, and supported.

This is where Number comes into play. Because if you are already filled with Divine Love, knowing you are Divinely Supported, and worthy of Love just as you are, you are already abundant in the very energies that you are seeking outside of the Self. This also places you in vibrational alignment instantaneously with your Soul Family and makes those connections much more powerful because you are not expecting them to fill an empty space in your life (or the illusion of an empty space). Relationships are more relaxed and empowering when approached from a space of fullness, and not an empty cup that you are depending on another to fill. Especially if their own cup is not yet full.

Working on Loving the Self, and your relationship with your I AM Presence, angels, and The Divine (or whatever Term you use for the Infinite is the most powerful way to keep your cup full, so that you move into harmonic resonance with others who Love you with Unconditional Divine Love, and to be able to serve and love them from a place of abundance, rather than lack.

In addition to some of the techniques recommended in Point 1, we feel it could be helpful for you to check out I AM The Love I AM Looking For Audio Activation, and Soul Star Chakra Activation, Soul Love Transmission to support you with this process.

6. Celebrate that from a certain point of view, we are all soul family

We have a saying here at 10 of Cups Ministries that all souls love each other.

What this means is that when we view the people we draw to our circle, whether for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, there is always some level of soul agreement that serves to take us to our Highest Good. This includes the difficult people that we encounter as well. In fact, the difficult people often serve to provide that lessons we need to grow in Christ Consciousness.

For example, how would you have learned compassion and forgiveness if you hadn’t had that friend who betrayed you. Or how would you have ever learned to love and respect yourself and set up healthy boundaries had it not been for that narcissist that trampled all over them.

When we understand that our Soul knows just who and what we need to draw to ourselves for our growth and evolution, anyone can be “Soul Family” depending on how you look at it. Our Soul Family can, and often does play “devil’s advocate” on our Soul Journey, jumping on and then off of our timelines at various junctures to assist us in making a much needed internal shift.

And yes, while we have a specific “soul group” or different soul groups depending how we look at it, a large part of the Spiritual Journey is to move into the realization that we are all One. In fact separation consciousness is what we are here to release within ourselves and ultimately upon the planet in order to truly create the New Earth.

We can recognize that every other person we encounter in life is part of our spiritual journey.

And, vice versa: We are part of their journey, whether they have awakened to it or not.

This simple shift, from focusing only on a specific group of people as our “family”… to a Universal sense of family and unity with others, even animals, plants, and the mineral kingdom… can be a game-changer for your moment-to-moment sense of “Yes!”

7. Ask God / Source / Universe for the specific soul family that is most joyful for you!

Imagine going into a restaurant and the waitress asking you what you want, and you don’t answer her!

Crazy, huh?

Yet this is what we sometimes do when with Divine Mother/Father and our Angels. We simply allow ourselves to go without, or try to do it all or figure it all out ourselves when we have an entire support system of Pure Divine Love wanting to assist and support us in every way, including connecting to others who are members of our Soul Family.

We have an entire team just waiting to ask for our help that we don’t always utilize.

Sometimes we may think that God/Source/Universe is only interested in our Spiritual Growth and could care less about whether we have joyful and fulfilling relationships, or we are afraid that we are not going to receive any answers.

On the contrary, our Heavenly Father/Mother is just as interested in every aspect of our lives, just as our Earth Parents are (or hopefully are/were. Some of us did not have that kind of relationship with our parents which is why its so difficult to believe that Divine Mother/Father care)

Yeshua once said “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”

What this means in a nutshell is if you are truly desiring to connect with your Soul Family at best, vibrationally aligned relationships at least, ask Divine Mother/Father and/or your angels to help you!  You can pray aloud, or write out your prayers in a journal. Ask them to show you what you can begin to do today..even now to begin the process then be open to their direction, synchronisities, and inspiration. It is important to be mindful and open, as the instruction may, and often doesn’t seem to have much to do with what you are requesting, but its important to trust.

It is also important to take action. So if you find after you ask for help, that you suddenly hate the town or city you live in and really want to move, that could be a sign that you are being redirected to a geographic area where soul family members are. Or if you suddenly change your mind about wanting to go to your friend’s dinner party, there may be an important person you may need to meet.

It’s important to remain open, as Andy and I met through a friend of a friend of a friend who invited him to attend an event where I was, where there were people 15 some odd years younger than him!

Learn to trust those inner promptings that come with invitations to events, places and gatherings…even if they seem completely off the wall!

In closing, finding your Soul Family is one of the most powerful signs that you have reached a place of being Loved, Seen and Supported just as you are, and now you are ready to build heart centered community.

We hope that putting these tips to use and applying them in your life will help you to draw these blessed beings to you with Infinite Grace and Ease!


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