Other than the exceptions toward the bottom of this page, all energy healing audio background music is used with permission from Orin and Da Ben.

We have purchased and used the following audios from their online store.

Thaddeus: Stillness-Consciousness at Rest 
Thaddeus: Heavenly Choir
Thaddeus: Spinning Wheel of Light
Thaddeus: Ever-Unfolding Expansion
Thaddeus: Cellular Evolution
Thaddeus: Illumination
Thaddeus: Spiritual Sun Vortex
Thaddeus: Heart Radiance
Thaddeus: Blending with Your Soul
Thaddeus: Liberation (in Stepping Down from the Merry Go Round)
Thaddeus: Lord of Harmony
Thaddeus: Guardian Angels
Thaddeus: Songs of the One-Suite 2 (in 7 Ray Healing for Twin Flames)
Thaddeus: Healing Treatment
Thaddeus: Temple of Healing Love
Thaddeus: River of Love

We are grateful for their superb music and highly recommend it!!

Exceptions (Audio Tracks Not Using Music by Orin and DaBen):

Divine Alchemy” was created by Sonja Evans and Andy Golay, produced by Andy Golay, vocals by Sonja Evans.

Most art on our site is CC0 Public Domain Licensed from or and remixed by Andy using GIMP. We believe all other art to be fair use and are working to implement more and more original creative content throughout the site.