Core Wound Clearing: Inner Child Beliefs


The first seven years of our lives are a time when the veil of forgetfulness begins to obscure the truth of our Divinity and we begin to take on programming and illusion about who we truly are.

Our relationship with our parents not only provides us with the very first experiences of Masculine and Feminine energy, but their relationship with one another and with us installs belief systems about ourselves and about relationships that effect how we perceive ourselves, the world and, yes our Twin Flame Union.

If we were abused, ignored, or criticized, or if our parents marriage was a hot mess, our Inner Child learns from these experiences, filing them away in our subconscious where we will relive these dynamics over in a never ending loop.

The Core Wound Clearing Series: Clearing Inner Child Beliefs is designed to clear away the energetic structure of what I have identified as several core beliefs within the consciousness field of our inner child, and to install new programming of love, innocence and purity.

All audios in this series are $22.22 USD

If your parents were divorced, or separated, or if one of your parents walked out and left the family, or if one or both or your parents were otherwise emotionally unavailable, there is a strong likelihood that this program is running in your subconscious.

Telltale signs include repeated running in your Twin Flame Union, your partner is never there for you, or won’t talk to you, or you have experienced repeated abandonment and unrequited Love. This energy clearing audio clears this program and shifts your energy into the frequencies of Loyalty, Devotion, and the ability to receive a partner that is present.

Did you grow up with constant criticism where nothing you ever did was right or good enough? Did your very best efforts go unnoticed?

You may have learned “Love is Impossible to Earn“, which installed you with conditional Love, where you are constantly attracting criticism and fault finding, you give 100% and get very little, or your very best is never good enough, or you are otherwise very hard on yourself. This audio will clear this belief and assist you in opening to Unconditional Love and worthiness.

Were your parents so wrapped up in their day to day lives or marriage problems that they did not have time for you? Did you grow up where the real you was rejected and what others wanted and needed you to be was projected onto you? Did you grow up in a dysfunctional envrironment where you did not feel seen or heard?

If so, you may find in your relationship, particularly with your Twin Flame, that they do not “see you”, they may not acknowledge the Union, and you may find yourself frequently being a supporting actor in other peoples play: always being what they need you to be, while your True Self is ignored. Perhaps you have learned to suppress your truth and true needs and desires to receive Love. In this audio we will clear this, align you with your Unique Soul Truth, and help your Inner Child to know it is safe to be seen.

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