All About 10 of Cups Ministries!!

What is 10 of Cups Ministries?

Started in 2016 by Sonja Evans and her partner Andy Golay, 10 of Cups Ministries is a resource for releasing ancestral, childhood, and karmic programming at the deepest core levels to shift your frequency and consciousness.  This is accomplished through monthly healing calls, an insightful blog, the YouTube Channel of the same name, and an extensive audio activation library featuring energy clearings that unravel core wounds at the root for maximum release.

Presently, 10 of Cups Ministries is run entirely by Andy (see bio below). Sonja is no longer active at 10 of Cups Ministries, but you can contact her at, or visit her new website at to inquire about services or see what she is now up to.

Andy is the “man behind the curtain” who manages and oversees the ministries’ marketing, business, technical, and many creative aspects, including website art and graphics and spiritual teaching.

Andy is a musician who creates healing music tracks and contributes his music to many of our frequency tracks and audio background music. He is also a licensed health educator (for all ages in Massachusetts).


If you have any questions or comments or just want to shoot an email and say hello, you can do so at

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Wishing you infinite blessings and 10 of Cups bliss!!