2018 Uranus in Taurus: “Shock the Money”

On May 16, 2018, for the first time in 76 years, Uranus moves into Taurus, where it will be hanging out until 2026.

While faster moving planets like Mercury and Venus hit us with immediate effects, the slower moving planets such as Saturn, Pluto and our friend Uranus here work more like taking an extended release Tylenol, the effects delivered slowly, progressively, and having much more far reaching impact.

To setup a backdrop for delving into the potentials and challenges this transit will usher in for all (especially natal Taurus Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus or Mercury or strong aspects to those planets)) it is important to understand both Uranus and Tauruses “job title”.

Uranus: Out of the Box

This planet I can only refer to as the “rebel with a cause.” Uranus is the revolutionary, the “out of the box” thinker whose ideas can trigger both a WTF and “Wow, that’s an amazing concept!” response at the same time.

It functions on many levels much like The Tower card of the Major Arcana of the tarot, even though that card is commonly associated with Mars.

Even still, it brings in sudden change and interruptions that sort of come in from sideways…or seemingly nowhere!!

When you think about someone who could be considered a revolutionary, or even a rebel, you will find some one who’s mode of operation is to change the status quo.

They operate as a demolition team, dismantling old and outdated ways of thinking, doing, and being to make way for originality, the innovative, and in many ways, the unheard of!

In the case of a rebel, at the core of their essence, they act in opposition to restrictive and oppressive beliefs and values that limit the expression of ones inherent nature.

As the planetary ruler of Aquarius, Uranus adds it’s signature flavor. co-creating with Aquarius’s attributes of humanitarianism, as Aquarius core value is the best interests of the highest good of the group.

So what happens when Uranus meets up with Taurus in a dark alley?

Stay tuned!

Taurus: Grounded, Tangible Assets

Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign, who’s keywords are “I have” or “I build.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus rules money, values, and possessions.

It is the sign of sensuality, but not in the sexual sense necessarily, but as it pertains to the senses.

Taurus loves to be surrounded by that which is pleasing to the eye, tastes and smells yummy, and sounds beautiful.

As a Taurus, I can say amen to that as heaven to me is being curled up in a comfy chair, a steamy cup of gourmet coffee, my aromatherapy lamp spewing clouds of Lavender and Lemongrass, while listening to my favorite music!

In fact, Andy and I are both Taurus’s and one of our favorite past times together is eating!

In addition to this, Taurus likes stabiity and security, often in the form of tangible assets, nice home, nest egg in the bank, and creature comforts.

“I build” is the Taurean mantra as Taurus knows how to create stable foundations in a grounded, sensible way.

As a matter of fact, Taurus wrote the book on groundedness and sensibility.

So Uranus just signed an 8 year lease in the House of Taurus.

What does that mean to you, specifically and to the planetary collective:


1. Sudden changes in your own financial (or other) stability and security

Now don’t freak out here…remember, Uranus only seeks to change what is outdated and holds back progress to create pathways for originality, and the unconventional.

As Ascending Beings, we must remember when our security and survival programming and fears get triggered or “threatened”, that ultimately it is not our jobs or livelihood that are our source.

Source/God/Universe is our True source.

Our jobs, or ways of making a living, are simply the channels.

Over the next 8 years, many of us will find ourselves changing channels (or even channel surfing!) as new career paths present themselves, new projects that may become quite lucrative if we persevere (another strong Taurean attribute), or even new ways of obtaining our True Hearts Desires in ways we never thought about because we were previously so fixed on “how” something can show up for us.

2. A Profound Shift in Values

And what is a value?

Values are simply ideas and beliefs that we place extreme importance on as governing principals upon which we live and have our being.

Sometimes we can stubbornly hold onto values by way of habit (bear in mind stubbornness is one of the negative expressions of Taurean energy).

Many times our values are handed down to us by our family lineage and we still adhere to them, without questioning their relevance to us personally.

The next 8 years promise to completely dismantle many of the values that were actually limiting and restricting us on many levels, forcing us to reprioritize what is important to us and why, depending on how that unfolds.

3. Changes in Income Levels

Similar to #1, this indirectly influences our stability and security through increase or even decrease in money energy flowing to us, depending on what your Higher Self seeks to create in and for you.

Intuitively, I feel this is primarily a change in channels talked about previously, with the need to be flexible and adaptable as the way to optimize this opportunity to expand.

Keep in mind flexibility and adaptablity does not come naturally to Taurus, and this is where the challenge in this transit is, as Uranus in Taurus has the look and feel of a child trying to teach his Grandparent how to use his or her first smartphone for the very first time.

A fixed way of doing things bumping up against…well, the future.

Either way, realizing that money is energy and energy is Infinite and knowing that all of your needs will be supplied are areas where we will move into mastery, and assist in the alignment of the new channels.

4. Dismantling Stubborness

Uranus is the lightning bolt in the Tower Card, taking down the entire structure in one fell swoop.


As such, it will repeatedly over the next 8 years, take down anything we are holding on to stubbornly, be it relationships, beliefs, jobs, possessions, that are locking us into non-qualifying energies.

In fact, the more we cling, the messier it might be.

Can I just add the day before writing this blog post, right on the day of Uranus’s passage, my Mother was booted out of my childhood home that my family had owned for 42 years.

She had been clinging to the property for years stubbornly, even though the attempts to keep it and make much needed repairs and rennovations was causing her extreme emotional, mental, physical, and financial hardship and distress.

Then suddenly…kaboom!

Holding on in obstinance and fear is not going to work during this transit.

What we won’t willingly release will be subject to the wrecking ball energy of Uranus.

5. Undoing on “Old Foundations”

The foundations of our lives are simply the core beliefs that form the basis of how we express ourselves in our lives, and as a result, what we magnetize to ourselves.

Or they can be the reasons for and behind what we do and how we function.

I am reminded of a song we used to sing in church back in my Pentecostal Christian days, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand...”

And in a similar way, any and all foundations in our lives that are not aligned with our Christ Self are up for being torn down, so that we can begin to build a new and from a place of harmonic resonance.

6. Sudden Changes in Your Physical Reality

Have you ever had a shift in your life that was so quick and profound, that you just kind of looked around and asked yourself, “How did I get here?

I can recall several times in my life like that when gifted with the opportunity to completely reinvent myself and the landscape of my life, including several years ago when it seemed one day I was homeless and living in my neighbor’s spare room with Destiny, my eldest daughter, and 2 cats, then the next day I was with Andy at Mt. Shasta first flourishing as a healer as part of Infinite Abundance Ministries.

Uranus is multi-talented and also rules and governs currents of energy and electricity. And since Taurus is beneficial in manifesting on the physical plane, this transit allows for the “cracking” of 3D density to allow for frequency and energy to flow and get through with grace and ease, and this can manifest as marked change in our physical reality.

7. Taureans Playing Important Roles in our Lives

This one is especially for those who may not have key natal planets or ascendant in Taurus. There may be instances over the next 8 years, either one or many, when a Taurus native is instrumental in ushering change in your life.

This could be in the form of a key person who jumps in and out of your timeline (reason or season), someone in your sphere, or a link up with a soulmate/member of your Soul Tribe.

On the flip side of this, and as a side note, those who have a Taurus in their lives, as a Sacred Partner/Twin Flame, relative, etc may see these dynamics manifesting with special intensity in their lives which may cause certain levels of upheaval, that they will process in accordance with their current level of consciousness, so please bear with them, hold space, pray if they seem they are on an intensive shake down and experience any distress because of it.

Collectively, the 8 year transit of Uranus in Taurus also brings it’s revolution to the planet at large.

I feel this is going to completely revolutionize the way we approach business, commerce, and finances with innovations in the way we bank, pay for goods and services, and are paid for the same as we move in ever increasing amounts toward a completely cashless society.

I also feel that cryptocurrency will become more commonplace, changing the ways that we view, process, and spend money.

So in closing, the next 8 years promises to usher in a revolution…and many of us will be feeling the kaboom.

However, change is good because it leads to growth, expansion or, in short, something even better.

It is sure to be a wild ride, and we will not be the same personally or collectively once we get off in 2026!

Strap yourself in and enjoy!


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