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True-Life Love Stories!!!*

Beyond Excited

I'm also writing to share some exciting news . J. proposed on my birthday!! A twin flame birthday and marriage proposal all on 9/9--how perfect is that?!... Gratitude overwhelms me as j think back just a few weeks ago at the reassuring email you sent me, and the amazing I AM That I AM audio you recommended. You said I was right when I felt big happenings were around the corner, and you gave me indescribable peace of mind when you told me Spirit communicated it was time for me to trust in the behind the scenes work and trust all thing would become clear in due time. I truly feel like this engagement is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as the big happenings finally happening goes, and I am beyond excited to see what's in store for us as we write a true twin flame love story together. – E. Bender

A Huge Piece of Our Love Puzzle

Since finding your channel, using your audios, and working one on one with you, I have seen huge shifts in my Union and my own personal power! Thank you so much Sonja! My beloved and I are beginning to come back together, and the powerful clearings and alignments we have received through your work are a huge piece of our love puzzle. ? Thank you for being brave enough to step forward on your mission. I am so grateful for your presence on my path! ?? – A. Volk

So Much Gratitude

Just played the recording and found the first segment the most powerful – it moved me to laughter and then tears…more tears throughout and afterwards…just what I needed, clearly… So much gratitude for your encouragement and inspiration dear Sister! – Kenna

That Was Awesome!

Thank you, that was awesome! The clearings were on spot for me… You are an angel, thank you for all you are doing. I have been waiting so long to fully unlock my gifts, remember and have the strength to be who I am without fear. And also thank you for offering the twin clearings at a reduced price. - Gorgon

A Whole New Life Beginning

Each video is so special and unique. i feel so blessed. i can feel the energy leaving in a way ive never experienced before and its changing me in deep profound ways… thx just isnt enough…i turned 67 in june and i feel a whole new life beginning.– Linda Lu

*Although these testimonials (and the 10 of Cups community members who shared them) are a huge blessing, they might not represent "typical" or "average" results. Your results may vary, including what is perfect for you!!